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Get Your Limited Edition Gonzaga Pants

One way for Klassic attendees to keep Erik’s beloved Alma Mater in mind is with new, limited-edition Gonzaga pants. Nicole Durrell knew Erik in high school and supports the values that made him a true “Man for Others.”  She has created a limited number of Gonzaga pants that were custom designed by Castaway Clothing out of Nantucket Island. They are flat front and are available in wide wale corduroy and khaki twill which could also easily be made into shorts. There is a limited number of pairs so if you are interested, please contact Nicole.

Additionally, proceeds will benefit Erik’s memorial scholarship fund at Gonzaga. The pants cost $85 and would normally retail for $135. Nicole will donate 40% of all sales to Erik’s scholarship fund at Gonzaga. If you are interested in purchasing a pair, please contact her at [email protected] or at 410-212-3859.